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Description:   This project is a collection of Zope products, Plone CMS products and different Plone content types. This space holds Open-Source products developed by Quintagroup.

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LTSun Engine AJAX CMS LTSun 2.0 UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Look for it early 2009. LTSun 1.8 is okay for production content sites. LTSun-Engine CMS has done away with the old back-and-forth style of web editing by omitting the tedious changing and reloading pages.

MUJE CMS MUJE CMS ist a powerfull webbased Content Management System written in PHP & MySQL. You easy can create, modify and publish content. Includes a mediabase, with automaticly image resizing. Usefull for personal website and hugh projects.

Kooboo cms We have moved. please download latest version of Kooboo CMS from http://kooboo.codeplex.com. Role based user managementCustom Content typeVersion controlWorkflowmulti site, multilingual site solutionsLayout & content template Plugin & module extensionsvalidtaionsT

Leap CMS A tiny, single-file CMS solution, with dynamic pages, dynamic menus, a multi-user interface, file manager and articles with comments.

Luftguitar CMS A lightweight and simple CMS system built on ASP.NET 2.0 / Mono with the Gaia Ajax Widgets library. The application supports templates, rich editing, image gallery, calendar and much more.

Mallard CMS Mallard CMS is an extendable Content management System that combines ease of use for the end-user with a nice and open plugin platform

Maxy-Cms Le Maxy-Cms est un CMS pour les serveurs FlyFF sous fichiers Officiels.Pour avoir plus d'informations, merci de vous reporter au site officiel!

MoME CMS CMS internally developed for amisnet.org and pixline.net that wants to be fully opensourced soon. It deals with multiple nested categories, monthly edition management (to be extended), file uploading and wysiwyg. Need coders to make version 2 from scrath

PlonePM Zope products for Project Management with an agile bent under Plone (2.1 and up) - forked from ZEPP

Ingeniweb Products This project is an assorted collection of tools for Zope and Python. They provide a set of basic functionalities to enhance Zope by adding features such as Groups management, enhanced Plone content types, and such.

Quine McCluskey Simplifier The Quine McCluskey Simplifier(qmcs) is a tool used to simplify a boolean function. With the input of binary/decimal data the program calculates the prime implicants, which are then used to calculate the essential prime implicants.

Quivers and Path Algebras This is a project for developing a GAP package for doing computations with finite dimensional quotients of path algebras, and finitely generated modules over such algebras. The system design of QPA was initiated by E. Green, L. Heath and C. Struble.The current version of the ...

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